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I am a 62 year old wife and mother of two grown sons, happily living with my darling husband, two dogs and a cat in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I have moved a lot in my life and, in the process, had more than a few professional incarnations. I have been a midwife with a home-birth practice, waitress, classroom teacher, computer programmer, secretary, bookkeeper, and even a car sales person. I have always loved sewing and managed to use my skills in that area to put a little money in my pocket since I was seven and started making doll clothes for friends in the neighborhood. A little over eleven years ago, a friend drug me to my first bear show to get my mind off a health crisis in the life of my younger son, Seth. I made Mickey with his lady bug, took him to a show and the rest, as they say, is history. Now I am hooked on bears and happily designing and making the furry critters as fast as my little fingers can stitch them up.

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29 May 2009

ArtFire and Free Ride

I copied the following from the blog post of Franni, a Plurk buddy and a wonderful woman. She is working hard to help ArtFire artists get the required 12 new sign ups to get their FreeRide. If you are considering joining, be sure to click on a name below so that you can give credit towards a FreeRide with your membership. Then you can let me know and I will add your name to the list and, who knows, you just might get a FreeRide of your own.

"The FreeRide is back at Artfire. Sign up 12 friends and you AND a friend of your choosing get a free account for life. Since I already have my free ride, I am trying to help my friends. Sign up under one of my friends links and as soon as they verify that you joined under them I will add your name to my list of friends to help.

Register on ArtFire.com smiss00
Register on ArtFire.com Wooleycreek
Register on ArtFire.com Baciscreations
Register on ArtFire.com TheBeadedBranch
Register on ArtFire.com ElegancebyMode
Register on ArtFire.com Lovetostamp
Register on ArtFire.com LaDeDaCreations
Register on ArtFire.com WhimsybyMari
Register on ArtFire.com CreativeCoveJewelryDesigns
Register on ArtFire.com HuckleberryArts
Register on ArtFire.com ChelseaLynnDesigns
Register on ArtFire.com ShadeJewelry
Register on ArtFire.com BirdysKnits
Register on ArtFire.com LiberTeas
Register on ArtFire.com inkwear99
Register on ArtFire.com BeadbugJewelry
Register on ArtFire.com dreamweaversculpts
Register on ArtFire.com Wilmothfarms
Register on ArtFire.com LiciaBeads
Register on ArtFire.com soopajdelux
Register on ArtFire.com Blockheadradio
Register on ArtFire.com AllAboutTheBeads
Register on ArtFire.com handarbeitskram
Register on ArtFire.com DortheaKing
Register on ArtFire.com VintageRain
Register on ArtFire.com Curiosities808
Register on ArtFire.com jennuinecandles
Register on ArtFire.com DontKnowPub

Here are the benefits of becoming a verified user...

* US $12.00 Monthly For life!!!! * No Fees for Sales * Sell Unlimited Items * Make Your Own Categories * Full Community Interaction * Up to 10 Pictures Per Product * Preferred Placement in Searches * Shop Banner * Forums * Custom Studio Design * Google Analytics * Global Shipping Profiles * Social Media Promotion Tool * Social Media Resource Library * Real Time Statistics * Instant Flagging * Categories Displayed Randomly(No Relisting Needed) * Fast, Clear Checkout Process * Fast, Accurate Filtered Site Search * One Button Relist * One Button Vacation * Sales Mode * Education/Training * Green Impact * View Prices in Any Currency * Google Base (Autofeed Every Item) * Kudos * Guilds * Artisan Councils * Artisan Profile with Photo * Market Hub * Site Participation Rewards (Artifacts)
* Automated Markdown Manager
* Rapid Cart * Last but certainly not least, a phone number to call when you need help. (When you call it, a breathing person actually answers and either helps you on the spot or refers you to someone who can and does.)"

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